Are you catching yourself dreaming about starting your business or growing the business you already have?

Once you've caught the entrepreneurship bug, it's hard to shake.

It doesn't matter if you are working a corporate job right now, staying home with your kids, or already starting to build that passion into a profitable reality - those whispers that tell you there is something more get louder over time.  It's your SOUL screaming for big purpose.

But so many of us get stuck though. We either don't know the next steps, or...we are scared to take them.

What helps us start to get uncomfortable and take massive action forward community!

That's why I created First Friday Business Connect.

Join our monthly virtual meet-ups to surround yourself with women who will help you move the needle and take action on your dreams.

We will meet the 1st Friday of every month at 9 am AZ time.

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First Friday Business Connect was created for women to:

  • Ask questions about how to move ahead or how to start
  • Connect with other like-minded women who understand your struggles
  • Learn more about what the life of an entrepreneur really looks like
  • Bounce ideas around and get feedback
  • Talk about the "naked truths" in business...the highs and the lows
  • And get your "Naked Truths" about social media guide when you join!
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Grab your copy of "The Naked Truth about Social Media' with signing up to the First Friday Business Connect

Heya! I'm Amanda 

I've been building my life coaching business online for almost 5 years now and have learned so much.  While I've hit multi-six -figures, launched a successful podcast and built a team of support, I still remember how difficult those first few years in business can be.

When I left my teaching job 7 years ago, I never intended to become a full-time entrepreneur. I just followed my gut that was telling me there was MORE. I started following the gentle nudges from my heart, and quickly became what I call an "accidental entrepreneur.

And here's what I've learned through it all: following other people's recipes for success does not guarantee your own - instead we need to follow that gut feeling, showing us our way to success.

Click here to join us and follow your nudge too
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Don't let the what-ifs, the doubt and the overwhelm of life hold you back from chasing that dream. 
Come surround yourself with women who will help you rise.